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Investment Opportunities

Corporate Announcement:

Coming January 30th, Reg A or D private placement stock, 1.2 million shares @ $4.00 per share.  May be subject to certain qualifications. Opening January 30th, 12 noon EST USA.

Soft Asset Companies Equal Future Growth

Soft Asset companies own music & video content, artists' songs, trademarks, publishing and copyrights.  These companies will be among the best leverage money investment and strongest capital returns in the future for investors. - "Investors Business Daily", 1997

"Content/media companies are and will continue to be the most visible, exciting and personally rewarding companies in existence."

The Critical Three Content/Media Company Needs That Guarantee Success

Music and/or Movies Companies
("Hits don't happen by accident!")

  1. The founder and organization must sign talent correctly three out of nine times (Founder's track record has been 100%.)

  2. You must spend marketing/exposure dollars at a $10 to $1 ratio to achieve sales success. (A QMC maxim invented the concept.)

  3. You must have continuity of leadership. (Founder and organization have majority control.)

Quatrophonic Music Corporation Has All Three Critical Needs

Investors should be cautioned against entering any content-media businesses based on one artist or product.  Investors should examine the strenghts and merits of companies that own multiple, quality artist products and thus eliminate 90% of the risk.

Quatrophonic Music Corporation will bring out 11 artists and products in the next fiscal 12 months; in two years, 22 artists and products.  Given a 20% correct ratio, the company has a potentail to realize $100 million gross on just one product. 

Quantrophonic Music Coporation has a network of 82 countries and the global Internet for product exposure and retail sales.  Multiple products and multiple sales outlets promote success and return profits. Cost effectivity generates revenues and profits on even marginal sales of products.

*Imagine that you own stock in a company that made the CD's on 'Hootie & The Blowfish', 'Nine Inch Nails', 'Kenny G', or the movie 'Lion King'.





Securities that will be offered have not been registered with any United States Securities and Exchange Commission of State Securities or State Securities.  The stock offered will be relevant to its self worth.  The company has limited history and earnings and has plans to make a public offering with further offerings.  The Reg. A or D stock may be thinly traded, and will be privately held & may have little of no market; until an initial public offering is commenced.

This company has sold 2,100,000 shares of its company stock on a previous Reg. D, between January 1, 1997 and October 31, 1997.  These shares are held by 289 share holders. These share holders are accredited and non-accredited individual investors and other strategic companies.

Call for more information between 9 A.M. and 4 P.M. EST for more information.

Quatrophonic Music Corporation

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