Investor Alert Page

This is essential:    We are only selling TV CAMPAIGN Royalty Interests.  ANY INVESTOR IN THIS CAMPAIGN MUST RECEIVE  APPROVAL FROM RONALD P. SANDLER prior to investing.  Potential investors MUST receive a Quatro Records Offering Memorandum, sign it where indicated and esnure that it is received by Mr. Sandler.  Once it is received and approved, Mr. Sandler will contact the investor with instructions on finalizing the transaction.  This process is required for a valid investment to be made.  All funds must be made payable to Quatro Records, Ltd. or to Ronald P. Sandler, Esq.  Funds made payable any other way, may not be received by the Company or credited to the investor.

ALL royalty certificates and stock certificates are printed and contain NO HANDWRITING, except the signature of the corporate secretary, Ron Sandler.  There is an important INVESTOR ALERT on the "NEWS" page (follow "news ring link" below).

Please be aware that the Board of Directors now requires all corporate contracts to be executed by Ronald Sandler.  Oral agreements must have Board approval, any contract not signed or approved as above, is unauthorized, even if written on QMC or affiliated company letterhead.  Please be sure your agreement is authorized before relying upon any representation.  If you are in doubt, Mr. Sandler will be happy to advise you.  This policy is effective:  March 1, 2003.

Created on:  May 20, 2004